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Virtualize Exchange with VMware

Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange VMware vSphere®, allows you to deliver Exchange as a dynamic service while reducing costs with up to 10x consolidation of Exchange roles.

VMware delivers an industry-leading intelligent virtual infrastructure that maximizes performance and scalability while enabling fully automated disaster recovery, better-than-physical security and proactive management of performance, capacity and compliance.

  • Maximize Exchange availability and scale dynamically
    VMware delivers built-in high-availability to improve service levels and eliminates planned downtime with VMware vMotion™. You can support increasing loads and reduce over-provisioning with the ability to hot-add capacity or migrate workloads to larger hosts.
  • Accelerate delivery of new email services
    Provision new Exchange instances or additional services such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server from pre-configured vApps in just minutes. Use VMware snapshots and clones to reproduce your Exchange environment for testing and troubleshooting.
  • Lower TCO and better ROI
    Consolidate hardware by up to 10x. Eliminate the need for dedicated test, training and productions environments and leverage policy-based automation for significant reductions in capital and operating expenses.

Virtualizing Exchange Kit


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"If someone had told me we were going to virtualize our Exchange Servers five years ago, I would have told them they were crazy. Now, I am happy to say that our entire Exchange infrastructure is virtualized."

– A global facilities management corporation