VMware Application Virtualization :: SQL

Easily Consolidate Your SQL Infrastructure

Virtualize SQL with VMware

Virtualize Microsoft SQL on VMware vSphere®, to improve quality of service, increase agility and reduce your hardware and software costs by more than 50%

VMware delivers an industry-leading intelligent virtual infrastructure that maximizes performance and scalability while enabling fully automated disaster recovery, better-than-physical security and proactive management of performance, capacity and compliance.

  • Increase database availability and scale dynamically
    VMware delivers built-in high-availability to improve service levels and eliminates planned downtime with VMware vMotion™. You can support increasing loads and reduce over-provisioning with the ability to hot-add capacity or migrate workloads to larger hosts.
  • Accelerate delivery of new databases
    Provision new SQL instances or additional services from pre-configured vApps in just minutes. Use VMware snapshots and clones to reproduce your SQL environment for testing and troubleshooting.
  • Better approach to database consolidation
    Achieve up to 20x consolidation while avoiding the painful compromises associated with traditional database consolidation. Eliminate the need for dedicated test, training and productions environments and leverage policy-based automation for significant reductions in capital and operating expenses.

Virtualizing SQL Server Kit


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  • Customer Case Study
    ABM Industries

"We have close to 60 Microsoft SQL Servers virtualized. These are SQL Servers that touch the patient and have a lot of traffic – if they're down, it's a major issue. Having them virtualized on VMware gives us greater reliability and more uptime."

– A large metropolitan health care provider