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Capacity Management

Keeping track of your virtualized datacenter and desktop capacity is hard. Our solution makes it a snap.

VMware vCenter™ CapacityIQ allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively get the most out of your datacenter and desktop capacity. Its detailed reports and recommendations allow you to find unused capacity and reallocate it where its needed. And its dashboard gives you crystal clear charts and graphs that analyze past, present and future capacity states.

With VMware vCenter CapacityIQ you can:
  • Eliminate waste by identifying any unused or over-allocated capacity
  • Reduce operational overhead by automating routine tasks
  • Minimize capacity bottlenecks and shortfalls that can cause outages and failures
  • Optimize existing hardware resources or justify any new business purchases
  • Plan for service disruptions by modeling the impact of an outage, failure or disaster

VMware vCenter CapacityIQ helps you utilize your datacenter or desktop capacity more efficiently and cost-effectively, so you can deliver the right capacity at the right time. Every time.

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