With vFabric, VMware’s Cloud Application Platform, your developers will find themselves at the intersection of freedom and inspiration. Obstacles imposed by heavyweight middleware have been removed. Barriers dismantled. And the fast track to building data-intensive, real-time applications has been cleared. This is a platform developed to inspire your developers. A platform where older applications become new, and new and existing applications go all the way to the cloud.

With vFabric, you can:
Modernize your applications
Solve your toughest data problems
Deliver Platform as a Service Close

There is intense pressure to deliver web-oriented, data-intensive, and highly-scalable, real time applications faster than ever before.

Getting ahead of this time-crunched reality will require more than a few tweaks to existing technologies—the heavyweight middleware goo that keeps developers from delivering modern applications quickly.

It demands something leaner, and far more transformative—It will take VMware® vFabric, the proven, integrated cloud application platform that is fully loaded with possibilities. Not obstacles.

Why VMware vFabric?
Keep the old, code
for the new.
Preserve traditional middleware solutions and build cloud-ready apps with 50% less coding.

Make apps cloud-ready,
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IDC says

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