Overcome RDBMS scale, latency and cost issues

Today’s business must deal with the perfect storm of data challenges: more data arriving faster, from more sources, and with a shorter decision-making window. Conventional relational databases cannot deliver the data access speeds or elastic scalability that is required. VMware vFabric GemFire obliterates critical data base limitations with in-memory data management and processing.

Global data backbone

If you had a single, consistent view of data, your organization and application’s reactions would accelerate exponentially. Managing critical business data in a global data grid that is automatically synchronized in real-time across all repositories gives you this single view. Even while in process, data integrity is maintained. And should there ever be a system failure, nothing is lost thanks to data replication.

Reduce the cost of mainframe applications

It’s time to break your costly mainframe dependencies. VMware vFabric GemFire significantly reduces mainframe (MIPS) usage and costs while delivering higher performance across batch processing and data integration projects. Batch jobs that once took hours are now completed in seconds. The agility provided by VMware vFabric GemFire means changes are easier and faster. And with horizontal scaling, you get additional savings by leveraging commodity x86 hardware.

Simplify database provisioning and governance

Databases are time-consuming to provision. Without automated policies and role-based access, they also make it difficult to maintain good corporate governance and eliminate database sprawl. By taking advantage of virtualization and cloud computing capabilities, vFabric Data Director enables IT organizations to provide self-service database provisioning to their developers and enable DBaaS.

High-Speed Data, Elastic Scale and Database-as-a-Service Capabilities for the Cloud Era.

Today’s consumers and key decision-makers have real-time expectations. Whether it’s an analyst assessing risk, or a family booking their vacation, a few seconds delay can mean millions of dollars to the business. Meanwhile, data volumes are growing exponentially, and IT faces huge challenges when it comes to database scalability and governance. A modern approach to data management is needed that can provide elastic scale on demand, high-speed data access, and self-service database provisioning.

VMware® vFabric delivers a modern approach to data management

Overcome RDBMS scale, latency and cost

Deploy a global data backbone

Reduce the cost of mainframe applications

Simplify database provisioning and governance
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