Recovery is a battle. Mastery is a victory.
Disaster Recovery

Recovering from a disaster can be a disaster in itself, so we created a solution that lets you recover with ease.

With a large infrastructure, you need to be ready to handle and recover from unexpected disasters—as quickly as possible. Without proper management and testing of disaster recovery plans, errors can lead to inconsistencies and unsuccessful recoveries. VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager helps ensure simple, fast recovery to protect all of your important systems and applications.

With VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager you can:
  • Simply replicate applications to a secondary site
  • Effortlessly set up recovery and migration plans
  • Experience fully automated, reliable site recovery, migration and failover

You may never be able to prevent disasters, but now you can master the recovery process when they happen.

Ready to master Recovery? Get started with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

Interactive eBook

VMware eBook: A Guide to Modern IT Disaster Recovery

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Meet Michael White VMware Master for Disaster Recovery. He’s here to help you become a Master.