Don't just manage your virtualized IT infrastructure. Master it.

As you've begun the process of transforming your datacenter, you've likely found that traditional IT management tools and processes don't provide the automation and control needed for inherently dynamic virtual and cloud infrastructures. With rising service level expectations and ever-growing costs an ongoing struggle, it's no wonder many organizations find themselves unable to break free from the burden of manual IT management.

VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions are the foundation for a new evolutionary IT model, based on virtualization, that offers:

  • Automated operations with intelligence and visibility
  • Adaptive security and constant compliance
  • Simple and reliable disaster protection

VMware helps leverage existing investments to help evolve your IT infrastructure into one that can anticipate and respond to changing IT and business needs while providing control and automation. This new approach will enable you to deliver an intelligent virtual infrastructure—one that allows greater agility, efficiency and reliability.

Master your IT environment to deliver an intelligent virtual infrastructure and simplify the management of your infrastructure as it grows.

ESG Analyst White Paper

"Virtualization Management: Critical to Achieving Scale and Efficiency"