vForum 2015

21-22 OctoberThe Star, Event Centre, Sydney

Tangible outcomes for a competitive advantage

The business world is changing fast
Are you ready to start doing business in completely new ways? At vForum 2015, you'll gain insights into major opportunities for industry and commerce. You'll learn about new developments that could give you an unmatched competitive advantage.

Deep dive sessions for IT specialists

In response to popular demand from previous vForums - we're offering sessions that delve much more deeply into the technical details. Each one will be a hands-on interactive experience.

General Admission FREE access to all Day 1 Sessions
All Access Pass access to both Day 1 and Day 2, Paid sessions.

Don't miss two days of content-rich sessions

Day 1: Business challenges and opportunities
VMware Keynote; CTO Panel; Panel Discussion with CSIRO Futures; VMware Technical Keynote; VMware Break-out Sessions; Sponsored Solution Sessions; Online Event Webcast; Solutions Exchange; vForum Party

Day 2: Creating outcomes in key areas
Benefit from a series of technical 'deep-dive' sessions in key areas of business that are rapidly changing:
  • Mobilising your workforce for today and tomorrow
  • Implementing a Network Virtualization strategy
  • Managing your data centre efficiently: Keeping IT competitive
  • Transitioning your business towards Cloud architectures:
    Finding your sweet spot in the new world
  • Innovation @ VMware
The future of a mobile-cloud era is here
Welcome to an era of software-defined architecture. This will be a future where your IT is more capable, accessible, reliable - and delivering results at the ever-increasing speed of business.

At VMware, we're leading the way
Our brave new model of IT is fluid, instant and secure. At vForum 2015, you'll benefit from the insights and the tools needed to transform conventional remedies into seamless, agile solutions. You'll be able to dramatically simplify your operations, and gain an unmatched
business advantage.

The largest event of its type in the region
Get ready for the industry's largest free IT event for virtualization, cloud management and business mobility across Asia-Pacific and Japan.

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