VMware VSAN is radically simple, hypervisor-converged storage designed and optimised for vSphere virtual infrastructure.
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VMware Virtual SAN™ heralds a new era in
hyper-converged software-defined storage for virtual environments. With this radically simplified technology, you can manage your storage system more easily and at 20-30% less cost.


(Gartner, 2014)

By 2017, one-third of midmarket organisations
will deploy VMware Virtual SAN for at least 30%
of their total storage capacity*.

TCO that is lowered
by up to 50%


Through its ability to granularly scale your storage environment, ensuring you can grow your storage environment without the risk of over provisioning. And if you use VMware, you'll already know how to operate Virtual SAN. Its familiar and easy-to-use design also makes provisioning more efficient and less costly.

Radically Simple

As the first policy-driven storage product designed for vSphere environments, you can now provision storage in two clicks. Virtual SAN automatically matches requirements with underlying storage resources, without the need for manual LUNs or RAID adjustments. Your valuable IT staff will be free to work on high-priority projects while your more cost-effective storage system operates in the background.



Leveraging enterprise-grade SSDs for high-performance read/write caching and HDDs for cost-effective data persistence. Using server-side flash, you’ll benefit from the most efficient I/O data path that delivers better performance than a virtual appliance or an external device.

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*Gartner 'Predicts 2015: Midmarket CIOs Must Shed IT Debt to Invest in Strategic IT Initiatives'.

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Simple storage
has arrived.

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Alan Sprague,
System Administrator,
Oregon State University

"Before VSAN we
had no ability to
scale. Now...it's a
piece of cake."

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