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The Mobile-Cloud era has arrived—and it's all about software. Software that empowers you to break down walls, demolish barriers, and reveal the virtually boundless opportunities ahead. Software that's already making IT more capable, more accessible, more reliable—and delivering real results.

The time to break through is now. At vForum 2014, you'll learn how. Explore our complete portfolio of tools and technologies for automating virtualized data centers and extending them to the cloud. Discover how you can deliver apps efficiently and provide secure virtual workspaces. Gain insights from organizations like yours and a vibrant ecosystem of partners and industry experts on how you can redefine IT with software.

The opportunities are within reach. Together, we can break through to make them real. Endless possibilities. No limits.
  • Sessions & Demos: With over 50 unique sessions to choose from, and Workshops, Group Discussions, and booth demonstrations, there's no limit to the combination of learning opportunities available to you at vForum 2014.
  • Networking: Meet with like-minded colleagues and share information about challenges and opportunities; talk to technology partners, find guidance in discussion groups, and enjoy time with professionals in your field.
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Why Attend vForum?
  • vForum 2014 brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, and IT professionals to immerse themselves in the latest in virtualization and cloud technology. Realize value in our leading products, interactive sessions and networking opportunities with our partner ecosystem, all under one roof.
  • IT is in the midst of a dramatic shift to the mobile-cloud era, one in which IT services can be consumed on-demand across the enterprise and in hybrid and public clouds. Learn how vForum can help you shape your software-defined enterprise, radically simplifying IT while delivering services at the speed of today's business.
  • In-depth training and hands-on experience - Choose from technical and content-rich sessions and demos covering the latest in virtualization innovations in the data center for storage, networking, security, management, workforce mobility and hybrid cloud services.
  • Product research and analysis -In the Solutions Exchange, review the latest competitive solutions side-by-side with sponsors and exhibitors. Separate the hype from reality when making purchasing decisions.
  • Networking with industry experts - Learn strategies for achieving our top IT priorities and be able to compare notes with other IT professionals. You can leverage these contacts for advice and best practices for months to come.
Who Attends vForum?

vForum attendees are a mix of IT technical professionals and business decision-makers from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries.

Session Highlights

Business Key-Note
Sanjay Mirchandani - Sr. Vice President & General Manager, VMware Asia Pacific & Japan & Arun Parameswaran – Managing Director, VMware India & Saarc

Learn what's possible in the Enterprise and the latest on how the new Software-Defined approach is exploding old limits with new possibilities from the enterprise to the data center and from a unified user environment to the hybrid cloud. Be the first to hear new announcements about VMware strategies and innovations from cloud services to the data center. The session will include an overview of End-User Computing business strategy and announcements across an expanded enterprise mobile platform.

Voice of the Customer
VMware customers also share their real-world success, transforming their businesses with software-defined architectures and solutions.

Technology Key-Note
Ben Fathi – Chief Technology Officer, VMware Inc.

VMware's CTO Ben Fathi, and a supporting cast of VMware technology evangelists will show just how today's software-defined architectures can be deployed to transform your business. You'll see innovative uses of VMware technologies across a wide range of use cases – from the Data Center, to the Hybrid Cloud and in End-User Computing. We will share interesting ways that IT is delivering value to the business, today and in the future. This session is geared to be highly engaging and to open your eyes to the new possibilities in a mobile-cloud world.