It is time to leave legacy computing behind.
The tech landscape has moved into an era of innovation and mobility that calls for a new world of computing. To lead in this new era of IT, you need to shift away from legacy computing and have IT services built on a flexible architecture that does not just meet business expectations, but exceeds them.

vForum 2013 is THE leading industry event for CLOUD, VIRTUALIZATION and MOBILITY, that provides the platform for IT professionals to break away from convention and to learn, share and exchange ideas on the new era of IT. Get insights and tools to break away from the pitfalls of the traditional computing paradigm by extending the benefits of virtualization to all data center services and radically simplifying and transforming your IT infrastructure.

Join your peers at vForum 2013, attend presentations, solutions exchanges, discussions, hands-on labs that cover a range of topics that include:
  • Virtualize Your IT Infrastructure
  • Amplify Agility with the Hybrid Cloud
  • Empower your Workforce with Mobility
  • Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications
  • Cloud Management & Security
  • Desktop Image Management & Windows 7 Migration
Evolve from the ordinary and leave the pitfalls of legacy computing behind. Learn how these topics contribute to the 'Next Era of IT' and how organizations across the globe and in India are deploying them and benefiting from them.

This is vForum 2013. This is the time to Defy Convention.

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IT innovation transforms organizations. It disrupts markets. It recasts competitors. IT innovation is catalyzed by changes in how IT operates. Consider the success of organizations early to adopt e-commerce and just-in-time manufacturing. These organizations did not simply deploy new technologies to maximize efficiency and minimize inventory; rather they embraced new ways of operating—delivering IT services in a fundamentally different way.

Cloud computing offers today's IT organizations a new opportunity to drive innovation. They can minimize excess process, training and technology overhead and maximize IT and business agility. They can transition from just reacting to a never-ending list of demands to proactively becoming a partner with business leaders in the overall success of the business. With the VMware approach to cloud computing, IT can deliver significant value back to the organization—in the form of new services, increased efficiencies that create revenue opportunities, and competitive differentiation.

The New Era of IT with VMware - Software Defined DataCenter : Hybrid Cloud : End User Computing

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  • EMC
  • HP
  • NetApp
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