Ready or not, BYOD is here...
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BYOD Initiative and Workforce Mobility with
the VMware Mobile Secure Workforce Solution
01 August 2013 at 10:00 – 11:00 BST
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BYOD: Do you really have a choice?
See why VMware Mobile Secure Workplace is an assured way to introduce BYOD into your organisation. Discover how it:
  • Increases productivity – with secure, device
    independent access to desktops, apps and data
  • Reduces security losses – through central
    management of resources
  • Cuts desktop TCO – by up to 50%
User expectations are driving IT to evolve.
74% of employees use their consumer technologies at work*, because they are not happy with the alternatives from IT. If you don't adopt Bring Your Own Device policies in the workplace, end-users are likely to do it themselves anyway – affecting security and control.

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* Source: IDC

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