VMware Winter School 2015

Full session details for all events:

Hyper Converged Infrastructure - VSAN2.0/EVO:RAIL/RACK 

During this session we will review the choices we give our customers to build their Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). We will look into technical detail to the different technologies used.

Virtual SAN is the software-defined storage solution for the SDDC. Virtual SAN's hypervisor-converged architecture enables storage and compute to run in the same physical host with minimal overhead; management is made simple through seamless integration with the vSphere Web Client and the entire VMware stack. We will also give you a sneak preview on what is coming early next year.

EVO:RAIL is a scalable SDDC building block that delivers compute, networking, storage, and management to empower private/hybrid-cloud, end-user computing, test/dev, and branch office environments. During this session we will look into detail on the building blocks of an EVO:Rail appliance. We will also give some tech-preview info on EVO:Rack.

Knowledge level: in-depth technical

Target audience: IT architects, VMware admins, storage admins
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - SRM/vSphere Replication/ vCloud Air DR/vSphere Data Protection/vMotion/FT/HA

IT organizations are continuously challenged with protecting business-critical applications and data against various causes of downtime.

VMware delivers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provides high availability, data protection and disaster recovery. During this session we will go more in depth into those solutions.

High Availability
Ensure the highest level of availability and eliminate data loss for your business-critical applications without the cost and complexity associated with traditional application-level clustering. Perform live migrations and upgrades, essentially eliminating planned downtime. Automatically restart applications on available hardware when an operating system or server-level failure occurs, making unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

Disaster Recovery on promise – off premise
Be prepared for the unexpected with flexible disaster recovery solutions that fit your business's needs. With options to build a private cloud disaster recovery solution, or deploy a public-cloud disaster recovery as a service, none of your business-critical applications will need to go without protection.

Data Protection
Protect your IT environment and simplify backup and recovery of your data and systems with virtualization technologies. Simplify recovery of entire systems – including operating system, applications and data – within your recovery time objectives.

Knowledge level: in-depth technical

Target audience: IT architects, VMware admins
Cloud Operations Management - vRealize Operations Insight (vROps 6 + vRLog Insight)

Operations disciplines are converging. Performance, capacity and configuration become inseparable as the SDDC is extended with public cloud services. IT departments require integrated, analytics-based operations management to ensure service quality and increase operational efficiency on or off-site.

VMware operations management solutions simplify and automate management from apps to storage, on- or off-premises.

Intelligent Operations
Proactively identify and solve emerging issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts, ensuring optimum performance and availability of your infrastructure across vSphere, Hyper-V, your cloud resources (Amazon, Azure, vCloud Air) and your physical hardware.

Policy-Based Automation
Increase efficiency by streamlining key IT processes with out-of-the-box and customizable policies, guided remediation and automated enforcement of standards. Optimize performance, capacity and compliance while retaining full control.

Log Analytics
Integrated log management increases the power of VMware operations solutions. Our log management capabilities streamline log data collection. Powerful analytics capabilities search and analyze unstructured log data eliminating time consuming troubleshooting, security monitoring, and compliance tasks

Unified Management
Gain complete visibility in one place, across applications, storage and network devices, with an open and extensible platform supported by third-party management packs for Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and more.

Knowledge level: in depth technical

Target audience: VMware admins, Operations
Cloud Automation - vRealize Automation & Cloud Business – vRealize Business

Automation plays a critical role in managing the SDDC where compute, network and storage resources are virtualized and controlled by software. It improves speed and control of both service delivery and ongoing management functions. Automation is also a central point of control for service delivery that combines on-site and public cloud resources.

VMware automation management solutions automate the delivery of personalized IT services on-site and in the cloud.

Service cost transparency is a core tenant of SDDC service delivery. IT organizations need service cost and quality visibility to compare delivery options and best meet business requirements. When the boundaries of the data center extend to and include public cloud, understanding service cost and quality enables data-driven decisions that are crucial for prioritizing and delivering business needs.

VMware cloud business management solutions provide rich service cost and quality information to optimize IT value to the business.
  • Learn how you can build a multi-tennant service for the enterprise with IaaS, PaaS and XaaS.
  • See how you can leverage pre-build vCenter Orchestrator workflows to integrate existing infrastructure services in your service deployments.
  • Provision to physical, virtual and public cloud services.
  • Deploy complex, multi-machine blueprints and applications.
  • Use the new CloudClient CLI to interface even more directly with Automation.
  • Move to a continuous integration model with our latest DevOps tool Codestream.
Knowledge level : in depth technical

Target audience : technical people
Network virtualization

VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform for the SDDC. In this session we will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of the platform and go into the new features of the latest release. We will also cover how the integrate the platform into an existing network and best practices.

Knowledge level: in depth technical

Target audience: Network & security, and VMware engineers.
VMware's Integrated OpenStack – Containers (Docker, Kubernetes …) – Pivotal CF

This session will explain VMware's Integrated OpenStack (VIO) distribution, VMware's involvement in the OpenStack project in general, and VMware's initiated Congress OpenStack program, incl. advantages of running OpenStack with VMware software, and roadmap and integration plans across the multiple components of our product line.

Docker, and other container-based approaches are creating quite a bit of industry buzz right now. Many of you are starting to get questions about containers and Docker in particular. And if you're keeping up with the Docker movement, you have undoubtedly heard someone on social media suggest that Docker will ultimately eliminate the need for VMs. This session is designed to address Docker on. We will also address what we are doing with Google Kubernetes on container cluster management.

Pivotal CF is the key enabler for the modern, software driven enterprise to rapidly set up and manage a PaaS environment on their choice of infrastructure - including their private data center. Purpose built for continuous delivery and horizontal architectures, Pivotal CF allows developers to focus on the application as the unit of deployment and scale, not infrastructure.

Knowledge level: in-depth technical

Target audience: IT architects, Application Admins, Developers
Mobility - End-User Computing (EUC)

During this session we will review the VMware EUC Vision and Strategy and take a closer look into the technical details of VMware App Volumes, Virtual SAN in Horizon View environments, Horizon Flex, …
  • App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that enables IT to instantly deliver applications with complete application lifecycle management. IT can dynamically deliver applications to end-users or desktops without interrupting users. App Volumes provides seamless end-user experience while reducing infrastructure and management costs. VDI storage costs can be reduced by 30 Percent. Unlike traditional application management solutions, App Volumes allows IT to deliver a stateless desktop without any trade-off between user experience and costs. IT can support fully customizable desktops, with the freedom for end-users to install applications.

  • VMware Horizon FLEX provides the flexibility IT needs to serve end users, while maintaining security and compliance with centrally managed, containerized desktops. With Horizon FLEX, you can finally deliver a reliable Windows experience to BYO users, Mac users, contractors and road warriors – whether offline or online.
Knowledge level: in-depth technical

Target audience: IT architects, Desktop admins, Application Admins