VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Transform business continuity across all your applications and sites with VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™.

Traditional approaches to disaster recovery can be expensive, complex and unreliable forcing you to protect only your most critical applications and leaving you vulnerable. With VMware, you no longer have to choose which applications and sites to protect. You can afford to protect them all.

Rethink your approach to disaster recovery, and automate with Site Recovery Manager. Site Recovery Manager allows you to reduce disaster protection costs, replace error-prone manual runbooks with simple recovery plans and automate your recovery and migration processes to provide fast and reliable recovery, enabling you to meet your response time objectives.

Site Recovery Manager is included in VMware vCloud® Suite, our complete, integrated cloud infrastructure suite. vCloud Suite combines our industry-leading virtualization platform with IT operations management, security and automation technologies to deliver all the capabilities you need to build and manage your cloud, including reliable disaster protection.

When downtime isn't an option, vCenter Site Recovery Manager is the only choice.


IT Disaster Recovery Management

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Key Features

Support for VMware vSphere® Replication: Supports the use of low-end storage, including Direct-Attached Storage, and manage replication directly through vCenter, at a more granular and flexible virtual machine level.

Support For Third-Party Storage-Based Replication: Provides a broad choice of replication through compatibility with storage arrays and replication products from all major vendors.

Centralized Recovery Plans: Create and manage recovery plans directly from VMware vCenter Server. Discover and display virtual machines protected by storage or vSphere replication.

Non-Disruptive Testing: Automate execution of recovery tests, and use storage snapshot capabilities to perform recovery tests without impacting on-going replication.

Automated DR Failover: Monitor site availability and alert users of possible site failures. Initiate recovery plan execution from VMware vCenter Server with a single button.

Automated Failback: Automate failback to original production site when the site has not undergone extensive change, and execute original recovery plan in reverse direction.

Planned Migration: Use Planned Migration to enable complete replication of virtual machines, in an application-consistent state, prior to executing recovery.

Key Benefits

Reduce costs: Reduce disaster protection costs by 30 percent or more compared to conventional disaster recovery practices.

Choose the Best Replication Option to Meet Your Needs: Leverage vSphere Replication for simple, cost-efficient replication, or use storage-based replication for large, business-critical environments.

Replace Error-Prone Runbooks with Simple Automated Recovery Plans: Traditional disaster recovery runbooks are complex and quickly get out of sync with evolving IT configurations. Replace your manual runbooks with centralized recovery plans managed directly from VMware vCenter Server.

Meet RTO Objectives with Automated DR Failover and Non-Disruptive Testing: Traditional site failovers often fail to meet their Response Time Objectives (RTOs), due to manual processes and out-of-date runbooks. Enable fast and reliable recovery and meet your RTO objectives by automating the failover process and testing your failover plans frequently.

Streamline Planned Migrations and Preventive Failovers: Execute preventive failovers to avoid imminent disasters and planned migrations for global load balancing or to avoid downtime due to upcoming maintenance windows. Streamline routine migrations with planned migration and automated failback.

Disaster Failover: When a site goes down, virtual machines need to be quickly migrated to a secondary site. Site Recovery Manager enables either a full or partial site recovery. Failover as fast as possible to recover your business services.

Disaster Avoidance: If disaster is about to strike, such as predicted flooding, time is of the essence. Initiate preventive failover using Site Recovery Manager. 'Planned migration' capabilities help prevent data loss and 'automated failback' makes it easy to return to the original site.

Datacenter Migration: Planning is critical to successful datacenter migration, planned datacenter maintenance and global load balancing. Deploy Site Recovery Manager 'planned migration' to help prevent data loss and 'automated failback' to enable bi-directional migrations. Streamline routine migrations across sites, test to minimize risk, and execute partial failovers.

Christie: Implemented cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) for its enterprise applications.

SEPA: Virtualized their entire infrastructure along with Site Recovery Manager to ensure 100% uptime.

Nippon Express: Shortened disaster recovery site migration times in emergencies such as natural disasters by 75%.

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