VMware vFabric

Transform time to delivery and speed data-intensive application builds with VMware vFabric™.

There is intense pressure to deliver web-oriented, data-intensive and real time applications. And today, you have to deliver them faster than ever before. Getting ahead of this time-crunched reality requires more than a few tweaks to existing technologies—the heavyweight middleware that keeps developers from delivering modern applications. To match the demand, you need an equally new, better and faster way to build applications.

The move to cloud-era applications brings with it several new needs, such as:

  • Accelerated, automated application provisioning and comprehensive real-time visibility into application performance
  • Lightweight, easily scaled Java application containers and messaging servers
  • Ultra-low latency, high-scalability in-memory data management
  • Self-service database lifecycle management optimized for virtual environments

Ideally suited to the needs of modern data-intensive applications, vFabric Suite is the best place to build, run, and manage custom applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Optimized for the Spring Framework and VMware vSphere®, vFabric is agile enough for virtual infrastructure, and provides a clear pathway to the cloud for your custom applications.

With VMware vFabric, you can easily and rapidly build applications that scale elastically, deliver massive amounts of data quickly and reliably, and incorporate the latest Web and mobile-oriented features.


Build, Scale and Run Data-Intensive Applications On-Premise or in the Cloud

Learn about the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform.

Key Features

Proven Development Framework: vFabric is optimized for the open source Spring Framework, used by more than 3 million developers to build half of all Java applications running today, and deployed in 90 percent of the Fortune 1000. Spring has demonstrated dramatic advantages for accelerated application lifecycles.

Lean Runtime Platform: VMware vFabric incorporates Apache Tomcat—a lightweight, small-footprint runtime server already deployed in 64 percent of corporate enterprises. The VMware version of Tomcat, vFabric tc Server, is enhanced with built-in operational management, advanced diagnostics for Spring-built applications and mission-critical support.

Automated Provisioning: vFabric dramatically transforms application provisioning and release automation by enabling deployment automation and self-service provisioning for multi-tier applications into hybrid cloud environments.

Global Data Management: The distributed data management platform in VMware vFabric harnesses advanced in-memory processing to deliver what databases cannot: real-time, elastically scalable data distribution and caching for virtualized and cloud-based applications.

Cloud Messaging: vFabric supplies RabbitMQ™, a leading messaging component that is critical for making cloud-based applications highly available, scalable and portable, with predictable and consistent throughput and latency.

Dynamic Load Balancing: VMware vFabric includes the popular and comprehensive Apache HTTP Server, offering superior performance, scalability, security and simplicity. With VMware vFabric, Apache comes precompiled, easy to deploy, tuned for performance and backed by full VMware support.

Performance Management: vFabric provides broad and deep monitoring to enable complete visibility from business transactions, through assigned resources, down to code-level instrumentation, supporting optimized application lifecycles by tracing across your application stack and correlating to the performance impact.

Database as a Service: vFabric provides database-aware virtualization on vSphere and provides self-service lifecycle management for heterogeneous databases, increasing developer agility and reducing database costs.

Key Benefits

Multiply the Benefits of Virtualization: VMware vFabric works synergistically with VMware vSphere® to deliver even higher VM density and hardware utilization than virtualization achieves on its own. vFabric's small footprint and rapid start times enable the dynamic scaled-out performance that today's highly variable application loads require.

Tailor Your Applications for the Cloud: Spring Framework, supported in VMware vFabric, enables you to quickly build a full range of modern applications that incorporate such innovations as social media, mobile-device capabilities, new data types and improved methods of data access. Plus, with runtime services you can build elastic scalability into the data tier to handle unpredictable traffic spikes, eliminating the bottleneck of databases that cannot scale flexibly with demand.

Deploy and Manage in Hybrid Cloud Environments: VMware vFabric is both a standalone application platform and the development layer of the complete VMware cloud-computing IT stack. Through its integration with VMware vCloud® infrastructure solutions, VMware vFabric is the only platform that offers application portability and vendor choice across private and public cloud infrastructures.

The Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine: Reduced administrative time by at least 20 percent, reduced response time from hours or days to minutes, and improved system performance by using vFabric Hyperic® to monitor a variety of applications and infrastructure components that are mission-critical to lab operations.

Brandeis University: Experienced high system availability, faster response times, and rapid time to resolution—cut by at least 50 percent—when running critical applications across 350 platforms on Hyperic for application performance monitoring and management.

City of Chicago: Deployed Hyperic to monitor and manage its website and the City's WebLogic and JBoss application servers which support hundreds of custom applications.

NPC International: Achieved faster application performance, reduced downtime, higher availability, greater developer productivity, and 75% reduction in server costs with vFabric tc Server.

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